KAKHOVSKIY ELECTROWELDING EQUIPMENT PLANT, OJSC is the biggest manufacturer of electrowelding equipment for electric arc welding and electric resistance welding in CIS countries according to production volume, nomenclature of products and number of staff. In close collaboration with the Elecrtowelding Institute named after E. Paton, the plant produces a complicated science-intensive technics with the reliable control system which allows to shore up the enterprise position both in national and in international markets.

Elecrowelding equipment produced in Kakhovka is in defy competition with the best technics of leading foreign firms and is operated in 76 world countries, particularly in USA, Austria, China, Korea. The plant is a world leader in production of equipment for contact butt welding of rails and pipes.

The plant of maintenance vehicles production has been opened in 2007 on working area of KAKHOVSKIY ELECTROWELDING EQUIPMENT PLANT, OJSC, and is successfully working now.

The nomenclature of the new plant includes rail-welding self-propelled vehicles and their modernization, ballast leveling regulating machines.

The main customers of maintenance vehicles are railway organizations which the plant has been working with for a number of years. The plant supplies a unique mobile rail-welding complex and rail-welding vehicle to them.

A key definitive capacity of KAKHOVSKIY ELECTROWELDING EQUIPMENT PLANT, OJSC has always been an ability to contact with the customers, to be conscientious in its duties of producing safe welding equipment, to provide an instant warranty and post-warranty services, as well as to provide spare parts quickly.

We are building our policy on using modern technics and technologies, on strong partnership with customers and on the highest responsibility of performed works.

A perfect availability, modern performance and qualitative indexes, the diversity and simplicity of welding vehicles controlling are guarantees of your success.


Track machines

Machines and lines for the welded mesh production (welded mesh, wire mesh, road mesh, mesh wire, building wraps)

Welding transformer for the manual arc welding

Rectifier welder for the arc welding

Semiautomatic welding machine for the arc welding

Installations of argon-arc welding (argon-arc welding of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, all types of metals alloys)

Automatic arc-welding machines and deposit welding

Automatic slag-welding machines

Resistance spot welding and seam welding machines (suspended welders and stationary welders)

Contact flash welding machines (pipe welding, rails welding, tram rails welding)

Kherson region
Pushkinska Str., 109
Phone: (380-5536) 20003, 21021
Fax: (380-5536) 41041, 42590, 20424, 40322
-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web-site : http://www.kzeso.com

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