Output of machinery manufacturing and engineering

TsPK, Ltd

TsPK, Ltd, LLC is the biggest manufacturer of filter paper for the production of filters in Ukraine, as well as filters and filtering elements for purification of air, oil, fuel for the automotive, agricultural and special equipment.

High capacity of the plant for the production of filter paper can meet the needs of the markets of Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad.
The company has a modern laboratory for testing of filter fabrics and providing total quality control of the finished products and raw materials used in production. The laboratory is also a base for research and technology development of new products according to the market requirements.

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«SADA» Battery Factory, CJSC

«SADA» Battery Factory, CJSC is a dynamically developing Kherson enterprise, specialized on the issuing of the starter lead-acid batteries for all types of passenger and commercial cars and agricultural technics.
Since the very beginning of work in 1998, “SADA” CJSC is ruled by the following principles:
Production of batteries from the high quality components and materials of leading global producers
Using the most modern equipment in batteries production
The compulsive quality control at all times of production
The permanent rising of company team proficiency for providing efficiency and stability of business
Practice of stable price policy and long-terming cooperation with dealers and destination representatives
Openness for long-terming and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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„BERYSLAVSKYI MASHYNOBUDIVNYI ZAVOD”, OJSC, is an enterprise which has more than a century history. It specializes on production of attached equipment for the marine diesels, diesel locomotive engines, stationary diesels and automotive diesels produced in Ukraine and other CIS countries. The plant became familiar with the production of oil and fuel filters; water, oil and boost air coolants for completing units of diesels 21/21, 26/26, 25/34, 36/40, 40/46 for the assembling production of diesel-production enterprises on that time. For the 26/26 diesels the issue of cylinder liners and water pumps was started. For the automotive technics the plant produces oil and fuel filters, as well as water and oil coolants.

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”KAKHOVSKIY ELECTROWELDING EQUIPMENT PLANT”, OJSC is the biggest manufacturer of electrowelding equipment for electric arc welding and electric resistance welding in CIS countries according to production volume, nomenclature of products and number of staff. In close collaboration with the Elecrtowelding Institute named after E. Paton, the plant produces a complicated science-intensive technics with the reliable control system which allows to shore up the enterprise position both in national and in international markets.

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Public Corporation “Protorus”

Public Corporation “Protorus” is the leader in the south of Ukraine in manufacturing of high-quality automobile hoists of several modifications based on automobiles GAZ, ZIL, MAZ.

An economic model through which maximum success is achieved should be peculiar to a separate manufacture as well as to every region. Manufacturing of automobile platforms is such model for Public Corporation “Protorus”. Producing of this unique production promotes development and strengthening of the enterprise, which actually regenerated in a short time since Viacheslav Bosakevich came here and held an executive post.

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